Beginning March 18th we will start pre-beta tets with our backers!

Pre-alpha testing info

Here is a list of things that you should know about before the tests

1. Everything is still in a very early alpha stage, and there will be bugs, broken mechanics and the gameplay for the first testing sessions will be limited in terms of scope. We will keep testing more and more areas of Freeland VR
in forthcoming alpha testing-phases.

2. You will have to sign an NDA before the testing, where you will agree to not record or stream any gameplay, aswell as not sharing any information gained during the testing before the official launch of Freeland VR.

3. If you find any bugs during the testing, there will be a form where you can submit the bugs you found, during or after the testing.

4. We would love to interview you after the testing session, to find out more about your experience with Freeland VR.

Thank you for participating in the pre-alpha testing and for being an important part in shaping Freeland VR.

Freeland VR Team

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