Getting Started with FreelandVR Beta!

Welcome! We are thrilled to make Freeland VR Beta available to a Limited early audience! Please keep in mind this is early access and so is the getting started experience. We will aim to make it smoother but for now some steps are still manual and we appreciate your patience. Please follow carefully below.

If you encounter issues along the way you can contact us or open a ticket:

Part 1: Getting the game

Please choose if you will play on Standalone (Meta Quest) or PCVR (you have a gaming PC that you link your VR Headset with).

If you would like to be able to play both and switch between them please read the Both section below before launching the game.


This includes Quest 2 and Quest 3 standalone.

If you’ve provided your Meta Quest associated Email when you purchased we will start the process by inviting you to the Beta. You will get an Email from Meta with the invite to Freeland VR.

  • When: We try our best to send these out within an hour but we’re not always awake and it may take up to 24 hours for the Email to come.
  • What if it doesn’t: please contact us

Once you accept that invite you will see Freeland VR in your headset. You’ll find the game in your Library and you can install it from there.

Be sure to check the Logging In section next.

Note: If you’re having poor performance on Quest 2 please know it works well on a fresh Quest 2 (i.e. just purchased or factory reset and updated). So this may be something to try.


Steam VR is currently required for PCVR regardless of which VR Headset you use. Headsets include HTC Vive, Valve Index, HP Reverb. This is also for Oculus/Meta Rift and Oculus/Meta Quest PCVR.

If you haven’t installed Steam or Steam VR yet:

  1. Download and install Steam:
  2. Download and install Steam VR:
  3. Launch Steam VR in your library (be sure to have “Tools” enabled in the category filter) or the VR headset icon on top right.

Downloading the game files:

  1. Make sure you gave us your Gmail-connected email address. If not, please contact us.
  2. Once we have your Gmail address we will confirm your purchase and send you the download link to the .Zip file.
    • When: We try our best to send these out within an hour but we’re not always awake and it may take up to 24 hours for the Email to come.
    • What if it doesn’t: please contact us

Extract and launch:

  1. Download the Zip file from the link in the email.
  2. After the download is finished open the directory to view the download in your file explorer.
  3. Right click the downloaded file and press “Extract all”.
  4. Open the extracted folder from the previous step.
  5. Launch FreelandVR.exe file and enjoy!
  6. Optionally you can add use the “+ Add a Game” feature in your Steam Library to make it easier to launch directly from Steam in future.

In case the blue Microsoft Defender SmartScreen pops up click “More Information” and “Run anyway”.

PCVR with Other Headsets

Some devices need their own launcher in addition to Steam VR: Pimax, HP Reverb, Pico

Download install and launch the following apps regarding the device you use:

Part 2: Logging in

IMPORTANT: At this point you should either be running on Quest Standalone where you’re logged in with your Meta account. Or you’ll be running under Steam VR where you’re logged in with your Steam account. If not see “Register and Login” below.

There are 3 options:

  • Auto Login – Register Freeland account automatically tied to the underlying game platform.
  • Register – Register Freeland account manually
  • Login – Manual login

Auto Login

The easiest and recommended way to get logged in and start is:

  • Use Auto Login: your Freelander VR login will be created and tied to your Meta or Steam account
  • Username: This will be your character name in the game

Register and Login

In case you somehow manage to run the game on your PC without Steam VR Auto Login won’t work. You also won’t be able to use the store. In this case you need to use Register to create an account and character in Freeland.

You’ll need to fill:

  • Your email address (that you purchased with)
  • Username: This will be your character name in the game
  • Password: You’ll use it along with the Login option to get into Freeland in the future

After Registration

Once you get registered you should be whisked away to Freeland and avatar creation. You can change your avatar at any time later on. Enjoy!!

When you come back to play again you will automatically continue. If you change headset or platform later on you’ll need to use Login and remember your details from Registration.

Providing Feedback

Since this is Beta we would really love to hear from you!

  1. Please join our Discord server:
  2. Contact us to be added to the Beta channels
  3. Check for your suggestion or bug in the beta-feedback channel first by doing a search. If someone already put it in, chime in with your +1 upvote, additional details, and thoughts.
  4. If it’s not found, create a new one and let us know what you think.

Known Issues

  • We still have some crashes – please provide feedback let us know what you did just before crash
  • The Dungeon is not active right now

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