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Design your avatar

Create your personal avatar with plenty of customizations that will give you a unique look.

Make deep connections

Connect with people from all over the world, through otherworldly experiences.

Become the best

Challenge other players in racing, pvp or fight together in epic raids to find the real treasures.

Build your own space

You can find land and build your personally designed property on a planet of your choice.

Freeland VR is a massive online VR world where you can enjoy social events, an immersive storyline, racing, PVE, PVP and custom player housing. You will be able to explore the universe of Freeland together with people from all over the world, and create deep connections as you travel to multiple planets exploring things you’ve never experienced before.

“The Freelanders! Explorers of our unknown and prosperous world’s! Ahem, that’s you by the way, your job as a Freelander is to explore, connect with people, forge and create your own identity as a hero! A marauder! A pirate!…or…the deepest darkest villain out there”


Supported devices will be all PC VR headsets (Oculus Rift/S, HTC Vive/Pro/Cosmos, Valve Index, Mixed Reality Headsets, Pimax) as well as Oculus Quest 2/Meta Quest 2. PC without VR works too but won’t be the same experience.

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Haeyanna Forest Of Myths Time Rise City Juvu Islands Septus Tides Ashlands Centaria Flower Hills Auroros Dome Of The Whispering Sands Space Station SOG Prime Meridian


The misted towers and sweeping valleys of Haeyanna are gripped in a fierce battle of two warring sides: one ancient house steeped in tradition and a new house with progressive philosophies. A land steeped in mystical magic, filled with dungeons and dangerous castles. Battle Trolls, Orcs and Dark Maeges to heal the rift of this warring planet.

Forest Of Myths

Forest of Myths is a mysterious forest filled with bioluminescent creatures and plants. There is an easter egg hunt on-going where there will be one or more hidden eggs at any time to be found for great rewards. Be the first to find the egg and smash it to get a reward. In the center of the forest stands a great Tree of spirits, in which you can climb its branches all the way to the top, or dive inside the lake to find out what's inside the tree.

There is also the ancient temple of luminescent beasts to explore if you have the courage.

Time Rise City

Time Rise city is a futuristic Techtropolis that never sleeps, filled with cyberpunk skyscrapers brushing the stars. In the city there are all kinds of alleys, discos, bars, night life and luxury areas. Meet robots and dangerous characters as you navigate the dangerous underbelly of the future.

Juvu Islands

The Juvu Islands is the place to be if you just want to relax and enjoy yourself.

The planet consists of the large islands called "The Juvu Islands" that are surrounded by large beaches. You can travel around the islands by boats, jet skis, sailing ships and even luxury yachts at the size of a smaller mall. Visit the ancient ruins and recline into the vacation mindset as you explore this tropical paradise.

Septus Tides

Septus Tides lets you have your own pirate ship, or why not board someone elses ship and try to overtake it with your friends. The planet is ruled by outlaws and standard rules do not apply, so enter the planet at your own risk.


Ashlands is a planet made up of dead soil, bones and erupting volcanoes.

Here you can get lost in the darkness or take part in the century long battle between the evil burning creatures and the protecting hybrid warriors.

The grounds are unsafe and anyone can hurt anyone.

People come here to find old hidden treasures or to gamble their life in hopes of getting more riches.


Centaria hosts deep jungles and mystical unexplored areas. Here, the trees grow as large as mountains and giant creatures are so large that you feel like an ant in comparison. On this planet there's also a special species known as Eraria, a small ant-like insect that form large groups of hundreds of thousands. Together they even have the strength to carry humans.

The jungle also contains a giant arena where players can enter giant exo-skeletons and fight against each other for rewards and honor.

Flower Hills

Flower Hills is famous for its beautiful hills and mountains. The calm and serene nature makes it a perfect place to settle down and build your cabin, dream house or castle once you have enough materials or coins. The calmness of this area is seldom disturbed, and if a player decides to go against it, they will get a very bad reputation and might not be able to roam the place safely again.

In the snowy mountain tops there are caves with old forges said to be haunted, that only the mad would enter.


Auroros lets you ski or snowboard down the mountains or enjoy the magnificent auroras at night. There is also climbing for the non fainthearted.

Castles can also be built here by guilds or overtaken by other guilds.

Dome Of The Whispering Sands

The Dome Of The Whispering Sands is a massive dome surrounding a great desert, that holds one of the most prestigous races of Freeland VR, "The race of the whispering sands".

The race consists of multiple roads with multiple paths to take, huge jumps, as well as a moving flying bridge and dragons that will try to put your vehicle to flames.

The great sand palace of spirits also stands here, where you can unveil more mysteries about Freeland VR, and there is also the desert city where you can listen to good old country music and enjoy the heating sun or compete in classic western 1v1 battles.

Space Station SOG

The Space Station At The Start Of The Galaxy is a station that was formed to keep track of where the galaxy started, as well as to learn more about the universe of Freeland VR.

Here players can build their own spaceships, buy new spaceships or upgrade existing ones. The space station also hosts various high technological inventions that the players can purchase or unlock by helping the scientists understand more about their universe.

Prime Meridian

A place of unknown origin, carrying signatures of a time eons ago, laying at the absolute centre of the galaxy emanating light and life to all and everything around from the core off the Tree of Life. It is the central meeting place and commercial hub of Freeland VR, filled with auction house and areas to explore. Your Freeland journey begins in Prime Meridian, the centre of the galaxy.

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