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Freeland is an upcoming multiplanetary VR MMORPG set to release on all major VR headsets

Explore Like a Pro

Dive into crazy different worlds with tons of areas to discover. The galaxy is massive, so get out there and fly between the planets in your very own spaceship.

Team Up for Battles

Unleash some wild powers and take down powerful enemies and bosses. Master weapons from blades, hammers and axes, to pistols, shotguns and charge rifles.

Epic Tales Await

Jump into quests and learn about the Valiants' past. There are ancient mysteries to uncover and chances to be the hero Freeland needs.

Feeling Fast?

Race your ride or mount to victory against others and beat the competition, score sweet rewards, and climb those leaderboards.

Create your Identity

Create your perfect unique Freeland avatar and become who you have always been destined to be.

Loot Galore

Find epic loot to make you look and feel awesome. Boost your powers, and become a force to be reckoned with.

Party with the Crew

Join in on events, challenges, and celebrations. Freeland is best enjoyed with friends!

Freeland isn’t just a game; it’s a whole new way to dive into your favorite gaming experiences. Picture this: you, the player, get to explore an online galaxy that seamlessly blends open-world exploration, epic battles, character growth, and hanging out with other players. Imagine cruising through space, going from medieval villages to cyberpunk cities—it’s all in there with thousands of hours of gameplay and surprises around every corner. So, get ready for an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

The galaxy is on the brink of destruction, and Ventax, the rogue all-powerful architect, poses a threat to the very fabric of existence. Your mission is clear: to travel across multiple planets, forge alliances, and bring peace to the people of Freeland.

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Haeyanna Forest Of Myths Timerise City Juvu Islands Septus Tides Ashlands Centaria Flower Hills Auroros Dome Of The Whispering Sands The Space Station Start of the Galaxy Prime Meridian


In the misted towers and sweeping valleys of Haeyanna, a fierce battle unfolds between two warring sides. One, an ancient house deeply rooted in tradition, clashes with a new house embracing progressive philosophies. This mystical land is rich in magic, adorned with dungeons and perilous castles. Engage in epic battles atop dragons and partake in thrilling cavalry charges against hordes of enemies. The battlegrounds of Haeyanna are steeped in tradition and innovation, where the clash of ancient and modern ideals echoes through mystical landscapes.

Forest Of Myths

The Forest of Myths is a breathtakingly beautiful and ancient bioluminescent forest, adorned with radiant plants and inhabited by formidable creatures. Embark on a journey to explore hidden caverns and uncharted dungeons, engaging in battles against terrifying adversaries. Dive through crystal caves and unlock the forest's secrets hidden within the enchanting whispers that permeate its depths. Venture into this mystical realm for an immersive experience where beauty and danger coalesce in a truly fantastical setting.

Timerise City

Timerise City, a futuristic Techtropolis that never sleeps, boasts cyberpunk skyscrapers reaching for the stars. The city pulses with life, featuring a myriad of alleys, discos, bars, and luxurious areas in its vibrant nocturnal landscape. Navigate the dangerous underbelly of the future metropolis, encountering robots and perilous characters in this cybernetic realm where the night comes alive with intrigue and excitement.

Juvu Islands

Discover relaxation in the Juvu Islands - a tropical paradise of large, inviting beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. Traverse the islands on boats, jet skis, or luxurious yachts, exploring ancient ruins that whisper tales of history. Recline into vacation mode and let the Juvu Islands be your celestial escape for leisure and tranquility.

Septus Tides

Coming Soon

Traverse the Septus Tides Archipelago, a planet adorned with sprawling cities. Embark on high-seas escapades aboard your pirate ship, plundering booty from landlubbers and asserting your dominance. Navigate the open waters, battling the elements to reach safe harbors, and get lost in the thrill of seafaring adventures in this vibrant archipelagic realm.


Coming Soon

Ashlands, a desolate husk of its former self, is now a planet composed of dead soil, bones, and erupting volcanoes. Within these broken and corrupted landscapes, some of the vilest creatures the Galaxy has ever witnessed emerge.

Here, you can lose yourself in the enveloping darkness or partake in the millennia-long battle between the forces of Ventax and those brave enough to resist the corruption he spreads. Adventurers flock to Ashlands in search of ancient hidden treasures, willing to gamble their lives for the chance to amass untold riches amidst the harsh and unforgiving terrain. The very essence of Ashlands is fraught with peril, yet it attracts those daring enough to face the darkness in pursuit of elusive rewards.


Coming Soon

Centaria, draped in expansive jungles and adorned with ancient, long-forgotten temples, beckons adventurers into its depths. Towering trees, reaching the size of mountains, create a shaded realm where colossal creatures silently stalk. Embark on a journey into the unknown, unraveling hidden mysteries as ancient as time itself. As one of the oldest planets in the Freeland Galaxy, Centaria offers a captivating glimpse into the ancestral past of Freeland, inviting explorers to step back in time and discover the echoes of a bygone era.

Flower Hills

Coming Soon

Flower Hills, renowned for its picturesque hills and mountains, invites you to embrace its tranquil and serene ambience—an ideal haven to establish your cabin, dream house, or castle. Immerse yourself in the dreamlike meadows and breathtaking grassy valleys that define this peaceful planet. Here, amidst the beauty of nature, encounter whimsical characters and relish the harmony that defines life on Flower Hills. Whether settling down or exploring the serene landscapes, this planet offers a serene escape where nature and eccentricity coexist in perfect harmony.


Coming Soon

Auroros, dominated by vast white-tipped peaks, harbors frigid caves and tundra wastelands. In this harsh realm, large and ferocious monsters roam freely. Survival is reserved for the strong, as icy winds strip away any lingering hope, and predators lurk in every corner, making Auroros a perilous and unforgiving planet.

Dome Of The Whispering Sands

Coming Soon

In a frequently overlooked corner of the Freeland Galaxy lies The Dome Of The Whispering Sands—a landscape featuring sweeping high deserts and canyons, and home to some of the most unsavory characters in the galaxy. Dotted with ancient mystical ruins and shanty towns, it's easy to get lost in the mysteries of the high desert. This planetary expanse also hosts one of Freeland's most prestigious races: "The Race of the Whispering Sands."

The Space Station Start of the Galaxy

Coming Soon

The Space Station at the Start of the Galaxy was initially established to pinpoint the galaxy's origins, functioning as a research hub. Over time, it has evolved into a renowned area where some of the galaxy's most esteemed engineers practice their craft. This prominent location allows players to purchase new spaceships or enhance existing ones. Moreover, the space station hosts cutting-edge technological inventions that players can acquire or unlock by aiding scientists in unraveling the mysteries of the universe. It serves as a dynamic hub where exploration and technological advancement converge in the vast expanse of the galaxy.

Prime Meridian

Situated at the heart of the Freeland Galaxy, Prime Meridian stands as the central commercial and social hub, marking the starting point of your journey. A captivating ensemble of floating islands, it is teeming with dangerous ninjas and formidable warriors. Immerse yourself in the bustling commerce of the Galactic Help Center, where sales abound, and encounter individuals from every corner of the world. Prime Meridian sets the stage for an epic adventure, where peril and possibility converge, and the adventure begins!


Supported devices will be Oculus/Meta Quest 2/3 as well as all PC VR headsets (Oculus Rift/S, HTC Vive/Pro/Cosmos, Valve Index, Mixed Reality Headsets, Pimax).

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