Aeons ago, The Architects were the great protectors and wardens of the Freeland Galaxy upholding the Sacred Code of Life. Alas, one member grew tired of constantly watching, never interfering, merely observing and slowly began to learn to edit the Sacred Code, manipulating the very fabric of reality to suit his own idea of creation. Corrupting lifeforms and devouring beings to grow his own strength the Architects led by Marmello grew increasingly frightened of their brother. Releasing that Ventax was overstepping the bounds of Watcher and becoming a god within the binary and acting as a threat to reality itself combined their efforts and trapped him inside a prison within Deep Space.


The Architects, all-powerful beings as they are can only remain so if the populations of Freeland still believe and worship them. As millennia have passed, hushed legends whispered around the fire telling the might of The Architects began to fall away as the centuries fell away. With tales of power falling to legend and myth so did belief.


Through the darkening of faith across the galaxy the ancient malware began to gain an upper hand against its captors, and Ventax has begun to rise once again. The worm malware began to feast on all life within the Planes of Deep Space, growing its strength and reaching his metaphysical tendrils to corrupt the citizens of the Freeland Galaxy, haunting the citizens in reflections and plagues of corrupted minions.


The ambitions of Ventax are to rise above the other Architects and eradicate them delivering their power to the populations of the Freeland Galaxy, no one deserves to be a god. The corruption glitches seek to create equality throughout the galaxy creating a utopia, where everyone holds the power, rather than ancient gods who have the power but choose to not help the plight of the galaxy. The Architects are battling to protect the Sacred Code and wipe out the extremist views of Ventax that threatens the foundation of their power.


A battle for good and evil ensues, and the question remains… What is good and evil? Only together can we restore light and wonder to the galaxy, and only with your help will the people of Freeland be free again. The forces of light and life must prevail, or oblivion awaits.

Prime Meridian

The enigmatic existence of the Prime Meridian shrouds itself in mystery, its origins elusive and obscured by the passage of time. Nestled at the cosmic center of the galaxy, the planet emanates an ancient aura, its age surpassing the very concept of time. Evident in weathered facades and towering pillars, remnants of a bygone era echo through aeons, their significance fading into the twilight of collective memory.

Upon the surface of Prime, statues of unknown origin grace the landscape, silent sentinels and faceless deities presiding over the juxtaposition of ancient grandeur and modern Zukuri architecture. This captivating contradiction stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, persisting and thriving amid the ruins of beings far beyond their physical capabilities. The audacity to build amidst the sacred remnants reflects a resilience that breeds hope, signalling to the cosmos that life prevails even in the wake of fallen empires.

Prime’s original inhabitants were none other than The Architects, the mysterious creator Gods now lost to the ages. Their disappearance remains an unsolved enigma, yet Prime draws Freelanders seeking connection and paying homage to these faceless beings. Atop the Prime Pavilion, visitors stand in awe, gazing towards distant shattered visages and majestic pillars, fostering a profound sense of reverence.

Within Prime Meridian, an inexplicable presence permeates—an aura of peace, oneness, and harmony. It is an atmosphere where the boundless potential of existence unfolds, signalling the commencement of every adventure. As one steps into the realm of Prime Meridian, they are welcomed into a cosmic sanctuary where the echoes of ancient architects and the promise of limitless possibilities converge. Welcome to Prime Meridian, where the journey begins anew.

Juvú Islands

Step into the embrace of an ancient tropical paradise, where the mesmerizing azure waters gently caress the shores of pristine white crystal sand. This idyllic getaway, a planet designed for the perfect vacation, invites you to immerse yourself in both scenic serenity and the enigmatic history of the Totokkan people, who once called this land home.

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the remnants of the Totokkan civilization, unveiling their ancient ruins scattered across the island. Venture into thick jungles, where every step reveals a piece of their fascinating history, and stumble upon hidden caves veiled behind awe-inspiring waterfalls that guard the secrets of a bygone era.

This planet offers a symphony of experiences, crafted for both thrill-seekers and those seeking relaxation. Allow yourself to unwind on a luxurious yacht, basking in the warmth of the sun’s rays as you sail along the breathtaking coastline. For a different perspective, take to the skies aboard an airship, treating yourself to panoramic views that showcase the island’s beauty from above.

For the adventurers hungry for excitement, the island presents an adrenaline-fueled playground. Race down the island’s tallest peak for an exhilarating thrill or engage in daring jet ski races, navigating the azure waters with speed and skill. Your vacation, your rules—choose the pace that suits you.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of orange and pink across the tropical sky, the choice is yours: linger in the tranquility of the island’s beauty or continue your escapades under the night sky. This tropical paradise seamlessly blends the thrill of exploration with the allure of relaxation, creating a vacation destination where every moment becomes a cherished memory. Welcome to your island, where the past meets the present, and adventure intertwines with leisure. Your vacation, your rules.
Welcome to The Juvú Islands.

Sweet Bun Barbs

Nestled in the vast expanse of space, an unexpected gem emerges—a quaint and charming colonized asteroid. This celestial haven serves as the perfect respite for weary adventurers seeking solace and camaraderie. Welcome to a place where cosmic escapades meet relaxation, and every traveler finds a warm welcome.

Sweet Bun Barbs Diner, a beacon of comfort and nostalgia, beckons with its retro charm. Step inside, and you’re transported to a bygone era, where the aroma of freshly baked treats and the hum of lively conversations create an atmosphere that wraps you in a warm embrace. It’s the ideal spot to unwind after a day of interstellar exploits, as you indulge in delectable treats and exchange tales with fellow wanderers.

Adjacent to the diner stands the convenience store, a treasure trove of battle essentials for the seasoned adventurer. Whether you need to replenish your energy supplies, upgrade your gear, or snag a few cosmic curiosities, this outpost has you covered. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your intergalactic needs, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the next leg of your journey.

For those yearning for a bit of celestial comfort, the motel offers a cozy haven where tired explorers can catch some much-needed rest. Nestled under the stars, the rooms exude a sense of tranquility, providing a peaceful retreat for interstellar nomads seeking solace in the vastness of space.

Should your star-faring vessel require a tune-up, the mechanics on the asteroid are at your service. With a touch of retro-futuristic flair, they’ll have your spacecraft ready for its next cosmic adventure. The skilled technicians blend their expertise with a friendly demeanor, ensuring that your ship is not only space-worthy but also equipped with a dash of character.

In this charming corner of the cosmos, the asteroid functions as more than just a pit stop—it’s a social hub, a retro blast from the past that serves as a sight for sore eyes. Here, adventurers from various corners of the galaxy converge, forging connections, sharing stories, and reveling in the collective spirit of cosmic exploration. So, after a long day of venturing through the vast unknown, make your way to this celestial sanctuary, where the Sweet Bun Barbs Diner, convenience store, motel, and mechanics collectively paint a picture of interstellar charm and camaraderie.

Time Rise City

Time Rise City’s visage has undergone a profound transformation over the ages. In the distant past, before its fall, the city stood resplendent, constructed entirely of pure gold with spires that reached for the stars. The galaxy’s denizens flocked to witness the marvels of the “Thousand Golden Spires,” governed by the Time Foundation, whose mastery over time manipulation brought prosperity to the city.

Initially, the Time Foundation’s experiments aimed for lofty goals, most notably instantaneous travel through the cosmos. However, as the pursuit of power and wealth consumed them, the foundation twisted time grotesquely, embracing sloth and isolation within their walled palace. The Valiant, who had bestowed the gift of time, grew angered as the people regressed instead of progressing, closing their doors to the galaxy.

The ensuing conflict defied natural laws, with the very essence of time turned against the populace. Young soldiers aged to dust, and where bravery once stood, infants cooed. Fleeing to the depths below, the survivors sealed themselves in caverns, awaiting the wrath of Octayviak.

In the cold, damp depths, generations huddled, expecting doom. Yet, as time unfurled, life resurged. A new city emerged beneath the fallen ashes, governed by honesty, not opulence. The legends of golden facades and shining pillars became distant memories as the people embraced a city of freedom, bathed in light, warmth, and music.

As time marched forward, stories of Octayviak and the fall faded into whispers, and excavation began in the quest for the legendary gold above. Tunnels scarred the undercity landscape, unveiling a plain of shattered dreams and rubble. However, the gold was a mere legend, and tunnels collapsed, sealing the past behind.

Survival became the sole mission for the stranded, who, through ingenuity and piety, rediscovered the gifts of time manipulation. Time Rise City found a second chance, a rebirth where citizens worked to mend past wrongs. In this city living in the moment, born out of freedom, Time Rise City rose again from the remnants of its history.

In the aftermath of the tumultuous past, the stranded denizens of Time Rise City faced the daunting task of survival. In the subterranean sanctuary, a resilient spirit emerged, fueled by ingenuity and a renewed sense of piety. Once again, the gifts of time manipulation began to trickle into the fabric of society, but this time with a different purpose – to better lives rather than exploit them.

As the city began to regrow, a collective determination to undo the wrongs of bygone days took root. The people of Time Rise City, resilient and resourceful, embraced the second chance afforded to them. The echoes of the past became whispers, and the scars of history slowly faded into the background.

Time manipulation, once a tool of avarice, transformed into a force for positive change. Citizens worked tirelessly to rebuild their lives, not as masters of time, but as stewards of a newfound freedom. The city, once tainted by the sins of greed, emerged as a symbol of resilience, unity, and progress.

Time Rise City became a beacon of hope, drawing individuals from all walks of life who sought refuge in a society governed by principles of fairness and equality. The scars of the underground struggles were replaced by the vibrant pulse of a city rediscovering its identity.

The second chance afforded to Time Rise City was not taken lightly. The lessons of the past were etched into the collective consciousness, fostering a commitment to harmony and cooperation. Through shared endeavors, the inhabitants of Timerise City cultivated a community that celebrated diversity and innovation.

As the city flourished, it stood as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the capacity for positive transformation. Time Rise City had risen from the ashes, not as a relic of its former self but as a symbol of redemption and renewal. The residents, once burdened by the sins of their predecessors, now thrived in a city that embraced the beauty of the present and the promise of a brighter future. In Time Rise City, the journey of rediscovery and rebirth continued, a living testament to the resilience of those who dared to rise again. Heralding the new name of “Time to Rise City”.
Welcome to Timerise City.

Forest of Myths

A planet ensnared by the malevolent clutches of Ventax’s corruption, the Forest of Myths emerges as a mysterious and captivating realm adorned with bioluminescent flora. Within this otherworldly landscape, a hidden war unfolds, concealed from the gaze of most oblivious onlookers. Yet, the insidious corruption of Ventax has breached the serene surface, unleashing colossal thorny vines that now entwine the very essence of the planet.

Amidst this ethereal battleground stands the weakened Tree of Life, a timeless symbol of power and beauty. The mighty boughs of this arboreal colossus serve as an eternal bastion, and should they succumb to the relentless assault of Ventax’s corruption, the entire planet teeters on the brink of demise, with all life hanging in precarious balance. This arboreal sanctuary is ground zero in the ongoing conflict against the malevolent forces of Ventax.

Venture into the heart of this fierce struggle, where corrupted beasts and the very forces of Ventax himself manifest as formidable adversaries. Once virtuous citizens now dwell in the shadows, transformed into agents of darkness under the influence of Ventax’s corruption. The Forest of Myths, once a realm of curiosity and beauty, is now a theater of conflict, with the Tree of Life serving as a last bastion against the encroaching forces that threaten to extinguish the spark of life from the entire planet.

As you navigate this battleground, prepare to confront not only corrupted creatures but also the embodiment of Ventax’s malevolence. The air is thick with the tension of an epic struggle between the defenders of the Tree of Life and the maleficent forces that seek to snuff out its radiant existence. The fate of the planet rests on the outcome of this cosmic conflict, where courage and resilience must prevail against the encroaching darkness. The battle awaits, and all that is good and beautiful within the beautiful canopy needs your help.
Welcome to the Forest of Myths.


The wandering tribes of Haeyanna were gifted the extraordinary ability to command the elemental forces—Haex, a power coveted by the burgeoning societies that emerged from the misted forests. A mighty gift bestowed upon them by the Architects themselves. Man, now bestowed with dominion over nature, crafted great cities and sought to harness the supernatural power for their own desires.

A kingdom dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the elements arose, but as it thrived, it deviated from the true purpose of Haex. Scientific progress birthed a utopia, yet this golden age was short-lived. Kings rose and fell, layers of dust settling upon the fading Haex, teachings becoming impure. The magic of the ancients waned as humanity exploited nature’s gifts.

The Haex council, once fierce guardians of elements and Haex, served Valiant Chuai. However, their power diminished as greedy mages claimed arcane powers, eroding the council’s credibility. Earls coveted their authority, imposing restrictions that shackled the council’s freedoms. The once abundant gift of Haex became scarce, as teachings dwindled and prodigies born with the Haex’s kiss became rarer.

Architects turned away from Haeyanna, blessings becoming sparse, as human intentions shifted from harmony to dominion. The Dragon Guardian Chuai was wearied of human games.

In the era of King Bartholok the Bear, a divide emerged within the Haex tower. The Grand Mage deteriorated, and a prophecy from Valiant Chuai foretold an end to new Haex recipients. War erupted between two Maeges houses—the House of Soenheim, seeking mastery through technology, and the House of Acren, fighting for harmony.

As war threatened, King Bartholok sided with Acren, attempting to gain Chuai’s favor. Soenheim forces retreated, establishing their kingdom in the Steel Crag foothills, embracing democracy and equality. The Republic of Soenheim thrived, emerging from defeat with greatness.

Azeem of House Acren assumed the council’s ruling seat, focusing on traditional magic. Unsustainable without new Maeges, Haex became rare, and magic dwindled. Kings replaced kings, and Maeges left the council for Soenheim or the forests in pursuit of truth and harmony. King Dieder, yearning for inspiration, looked beyond the foothills.

Wars erupted as powerful Maeges attacked the Republic of Soenheim, leaving destruction in their wake, and threatening to plunge Haeyanna into further chaos.

Amidst the chaos that gripped Haeyanna, the Republic of Soenheim stood resilient, its democratic ideals and commitment to sharing the gift of Haex fostering prosperity within its borders. Great cities flourished, trade thrived, and the people embraced their connection with the elements. Yet, beyond the Steel Crag foothills, the United Haeyanna Kingdoms grappled with the fading magic, a consequence of their adherence to traditional teachings.

In the heart of the Republic, King Dieder, drawn by the allure of a great metropolis, sought inspiration to reinvigorate his nation. Meanwhile, the House of Acren, now at the helm of the United Haeyanna, struggled with the diminishing pool of Maeges and the mournful loss of magic. Kings ascended and fell, and the council witnessed an exodus as disillusioned Maeges sought refuge in the forests or aligned themselves with the thriving Republic.

As tensions escalated, the fragile peace shattered. Powerful Maeges from the United Haeyanna, driven by envy and a desire for dominance, unleashed destructive forces upon the Republic of Soenheim. Wars waged, leaving scars on the once vibrant landscapes. The clash of elemental powers echoed through the forests, a symphony of chaos and desperation.

King Dieder, facing the onslaught, sought to unite the factions, proposing a council where both Soenheim and Acren could coexist. However, ancient rivalries and grievances proved insurmountable, and the war persisted. The Republic, though valiant, faced the challenge of defending its democratic values against the relentless pursuit of dominance by the United Haeyanna.

During the turmoil, whispers of a long-forgotten prophecy resurfaced. Valiant Chuai’s words echoed through the minds of the weary, as hope clung to the possibility of a future where Haeyanna could find harmony once more. Yet, with every clash of Haex-infused powers, the realization grew that achieving such harmony was an elusive dream.

The fate of Haeyanna hung in the balance, torn between the pursuit of technological mastery and the yearning for traditional magic. As the war raged on, the architects observed from realms beyond, their once-blessed land now a battleground where the forces of Haex collided with the ambitions of mortals. The future of Haeyanna remained uncertain, a tapestry woven with the threads of conflict and the remnants of ancient prophecies.

As the war raged on, the once vibrant landscapes of Haeyanna bore witness to the destructive clash between the Republic of Soenheim and the United Haeyanna Kingdoms. The elemental powers that had once been harnessed for prosperity now fueled a relentless struggle for dominance, leaving scars on the earth and tearing at the fabric of the once-unified realm.

King Dieder of the Republic, fueled by a desperate desire for peace, continued to advocate for a unified council that could bridge the gap between the Houses of Soenheim and Acren. However, the ancient enmities that fueled the conflict seemed insurmountable, and the vision of a united Haeyanna remained elusive.

Amid the chaos, the prophecy uttered by Valiant Chuai echoed in the minds of those who sought a glimmer of hope. The words carried a weight that hinted at a path toward redemption, a way to undo the affliction that had befallen the Haex. Yet, as the battle-weary soldiers continued to clash, it became increasingly evident that finding such a path would be an arduous journey.

The architects, distant observers of Haeyanna’s fate, watched as the land once blessed by their ancient force now stood on the precipice of ruin. The power struggle had dimmed the once-mighty Haex, and the waning magic mirrored the fractured state of the realm. Whispers of forgotten traditions and the yearning for harmony persisted among the people, but they were drowned out by the thunderous echoes of war.

As the war’s intensity peaked, both sides grappled with the consequences of their actions. The Republic of Soenheim, driven by ideals of democracy and equality, faced the harsh reality of defending these principles against the relentless onslaught of their adversaries. Meanwhile, the United Haeyanna, once a united force, now struggled with internal strife as the House of Acren sought to preserve the fading tradition of magic.

In the turmoil, individuals emerged as voices of reason, advocating for a cease-fire and a return to the ancient teachings that once bound Haeyanna in harmony. Scholars delved into forgotten lore, seeking clues to unlock the secrets that could heal the wounds of the land and restore the balance disrupted by the relentless pursuit of power.

The fate of Haeyanna now rested on the collective choices of its inhabitants. Would they continue down the path of destruction, fueled by rivalry and greed, or would they heed the echoes of ancient prophecies and find a way to rediscover the harmony that had been lost? Only time would unveil the answer, as the land of Haeyanna stood at the crossroads of its destiny, caught between the echoes of the past and the uncertain promise of a future yet unwritten.

Welcome to Haeyanna.


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