The development of Freeland VR is going well. Closed Beta is underway, leading to Open Beta over time. Explore a unique world, be part of the story and uncover mysteries. If you are eager to join the tests now and want to be part of the first settlers, limited beta keys are available for you. But you won’t just gain access. There will be exclusive rewards as well. Your first spaceship? A cute minion as your companion? We got you covered!

As you are a tester of a game in progress, we want to know your feedback. Every comment and suggestion will impact the final version of Freeland VR. The beta testing phase encourages players to thoroughly test the game’s features, actively search for bugs and issues, and help create an enjoyable experience for all. As we are still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please remember that streaming or sharing any content related to the game is not allowed. If you want some more information, have a look into the FAQ at the end of the page. Just scroll down!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore Freeland VR togther!

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