Changelog – August 23, 2022

We know it was a bit quiet around the project last months. We’ve worked very hard on full Meta Quest 2 standalone support with a lot of other improvements. Here you can find an overview.


  • AddedImplemented a dynamic fog system
  • AddedImplemented a traffic system for Time Rise City
  • AddedStop mechanic, music and honk sounds of virtual cars
  • AddedMade a shotgun with a reloading system
  • AddedCreated a dynamic drawing system of shapes to create specific spells from the sword and wand
  • AddedAdded ground spells for the sword that damages surrounding enemies
  • AddedAdded different spells to the wand that damages the hit targets
  • AddedAdded more sound effects to AI enemies and changed the visuals of the AI
  • AddedAdded special animations and sound effects when interacting with the Quest Giver depending on the player actions
  • AddedImplemented Space Warp to utilize the latest AI improvements for best visual fidelity
  • AddedCreated optimized spaceships flying through Time Rise City and the Login World that can be spawned in large counts without impacting performance
  • AddedCreated highly optimized NPC’s that can be spawned in large counts of 100’s without impacting performance
  • AddedAdded the Wheel of Hotel for Time Rise City
  • AddedImplemented the foundations of a Holster System
  • AddedAdded the Freeland Neural Bridge that will be seen when launching the game
  • AddedAdded a seated mode option
  • AddedAdded a server selector option to the login world where players can see the current popularity of online servers
  • AddedAdded a comfort setting option in the login world
  • AddedAdded grand stacks of trailers and old vehicles to the third sector of Time Rise
  • AddedAdded high quality reflections throughout Time Rise City
  • AddedAdded a system that automatically switches the server of the player if their selected server becomes full before they spawn in
  • AddedAdded complete async loading for all level changes to avoid any black screens or frozen screens while loading new levels
  • AddedImplemented a weather system that randomly spawns rain when outdoors and removes it when inside a building
  • AddedFixed a Train System where players can hop in and out of the train that stops at different stations and the physics will let the players walk around on the train while it’s moving
  • AddedCreated a Space Taxi that will pick up the players after they’ve created an account and fly them to their next destination
  • AddedBuilt an interactive warp screen that the players sit inside while listening to the Taxi drivers conversing
  • AddedBuilt a dynamic culling system to allow for highly detailed interiors
  • AddedBuilt a sky-road system in Time Rise City
  • AddedAdded replicated jump pads
  • AddedReimplemented and fixed the positional voice chat to work properly to connect and disconnect clients based on their current server
  • AddedBuilt a space station in Time Rise City connected to the train station
  • AddedBuilt a system to randomly spawn audio at specified positions in the world for NPC’s, world announcements and more
  • AddedAdded a function that lets players click on buttons and select sliders by using their hand movements while the laser pointer is active
  • AddedAdded an elevator at the train station located at the middle of Time Rise City
  • AddedAdded an extremely in-depth character customization system, that lets players change almost all the features of their character with a lot of in-depth sliders and settings


  • UpdatedOptimized fog for the quest standalone version
  • UpdatedOptimized the player characters to run on the Meta Quest 2 with multiple players online at the same time
  • UpdatedOptimized fog for the quest standalone version
  • UpdatedImproved the AI enemies chase mechanic to make it harder for players to escape them and avoid their attacks
  • UpdatedIteratively heavily optimized Time Rise City to run smoothly on Meta Quest 2 standalone while still looking amazing
  • UpdatedOptimized the Main Menu and Fast Menu to run smoothly on Meta Quest 2 standalone
  • UpdatedOptimized combat to run smoothly Meta Quest 2
  • UpdatedUpdated the Dancing Octopus Club in Time Rise City
  • UpdatedUpdated the roads of Time Rise City
  • UpdatedUpdated audio settings to properly save
  • UpdatedUpdated the Mod systems to allow for mods to log into an already full server
  • UpdatedUpdated the Main Menu so it’s closer to the player and held in the left hand
  • UpdatedUpdated example quests with voice acting and animations with a lot more to come in the next alpha


  • ChangedReworked the design of the virtual traffic cars
  • ChangedReworked the gun mechanic
  • ChangedReworked the enemy AI system where they can smash the ground with an AOE attack
  • ChangedGreatly improved Quest System that makes it more readable and reliable
  • ChangedReworked the design of the Main Menu and the Fast Menu
  • ChangedRebuilt the login world to have a cleaner look and match our space world
  • ChangedChanged the buildings of Time Rise to be more grand and futuristic
  • ChangedChanged the design and clarity of in-game notifications and pop-ups
  • ChangedChanged the ambient sounds of Time Rise City
  • ChangedVehicles and mounts automatically despawn after a few seconds when not in use
  • ChangedRebuilt the park of Time Rise City with a huge concert stage with virtual dancers and a big audience of NPC’s
  • ChangedChanged the spawn location to the train station located at the middle of Time Rise City


  • FixedFixed the Sword combat with sound effects and a damage system
  • FixedBuilt lighting for the entire Time Rise City
  • FixedStabilized the handling of the car
  • FixedStabilized the physics impact of all vehicles
  • FixedFixed bug when helicopter crashed that made the players stuck in a bad position
  • FixedFixed the minion system to properly replicate the selected minions
  • FixedFixed the emoji system to not always show a heart symbol at their initiation
  • FixedGreatly improved stability of the client where crashing should be reduced almost to zero
  • FixedImproved the stability of the servers
  • FixedChanged the character noise when taking damage to be more varied


  • RemovedRemoved the grenade launcher for rework, since it was overpowered.
  • RemovedRemoved the wand feature to swing the wand to create a freeze attack and instead added the gesture based system
  • RemovedRemoved all screen shaking mechanics, because it was uncomfortable for the players
  • RemovedRemoved access to Júvu Islands to rework the planet for later release
  • RemovedTemporarily removed access to the Friends and Events sub-menus in the Main Menu before further optimizing them for the Meta Quest 2 standalone version
  • RemovedRemoved access to graphic settings on the Meta Quest 2 Standalone version since they shouldn’t be changed
  • RemovedTemporarily disabled the bow since it needs some rework before being comfortable to use
  • RemovedRemoved the boost feature from all vehicles, since it created more issues than it was worth


  • NoteMeta updated their account system to allow both Facebook and newly created Meta Accounts for the Meta Quest 2
  • NoteWe built all the foundations for Haeyanna’s Kingdom for release in the next Alpha
  • NoteWe built a dark dungeon for Haeyanna’s Kingdom for release in the next Alpha
  • NoteWe completely rebuilt Prime Meridian for release in the next Alpha
  • NoteWe greatly expanded Forest of Myths for release in the next Alpha
  • NoteEaster Eggs are disabled in this build, but will be reenabled in the next Alpha

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